Our story


In 2020, four friends who had worked together for L’Oréal, one of the biggest beauty groups in the world, decided to start a new beauty business. We all acquire professional skills and experience in the e-commerce and beauty industry. One of our co-founders, a big fan of manicures, notice the quality of press-on nails varies in local stores and those nails made in the salon are always expensive and time-consuming. Only a few consumers can enjoy good salon nails while many still have to choose low-quality nails. Therefore, we want to break the border of beauty and offer high-quality press-on to every consumer in the world at a reasonable price.

Our Mission

We hope to transform the bad reputation of press-on nails and bring the nails salon everywhere. Salon-quality nails manicure are no longer difficult to acquire, we can offer easy-to-use and stunning nails. As long as our consumers want trendy nails manicure, Fofosbeauty press-on nails are available!

Nails Philosophy

Fofosbeauty advocates the idea of “Healthy Beauty”, and offer adorable and glamorous nails made with environmentally friendly and non-toxic ingredient. We don’t want nails to get damaged while putting on gel or acrylics, we try to sustain the health of nails bed by innovating the ingredient and shape of the press-on. At Fofosbeauty, we give every consumer’s opportunity to embrace beauty by offering them beautiful, premium, salon-style press-on nails.